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Report about a visit at König Pilsener

Since the registration modalities for a larger group at the Krombacher brewery have become absolutely unacceptable for me and we have König Pilsener, a brewery right here, we were...


Under-19s from MSV in last home match of the...

Good morning, everybody! COT (Carsten on Tour) live from the Westende stadium on 4 March 2023 to the last home match of our A team against Fußball-Macht Hilden.


The 25th anniversary of Lucky-Zebras 97

We’ve done! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our fan club on 20.12.2022. That's why the committee invited the founding members from 1997, the treasurer, the auditors with ...


Lucky sunday

Today U19 MSV vs. VFL Bochum - in the stadium Westende the Bundesliga West match of our A-youth against VFL Bochum. Start of the game is as usual at 11 am. Commented by Carsten


Start of the season 2022/23 at VFL Osnabrück

Start of the season 2022/23 at VFL Osnabrück It was the 9th July at 09.20 am when our fan representative Christian Dorscheid called me. At first, I thought he wanted to find out...


Travel report of a Lucky Zebra to our friends in...

Text by Detlef Jentsch   Actually, I had already concluded with Cuba. It‘s not because I don't like the country, I have been there quite often and the trip is not cheap.



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