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A football trip to Doetinchem

2 weeks before: it is Friday the 27th July 2018, outside are temperatures between 40 degrees celsius and hell. It is noon and I am on the A3 on my way to Doetinchem to the stadium...


The story of the tricots of Grün-Weiß Roland...

In May 2017, I put a picture on my Facebook page showing my wife Susanne, me and the "Las Estrellas" in Cuba, to whom we visited this year because we had bought them MSV tricots,...


Change of bank details

Due to the consolidation of Volksbank Dinslaken with Volksbank Rhein-Lippe, our bank details have changed and will be valid from 30.07.2018:   new IBAN: DE07 356 605 990 095 9370...


The test match against Hülser SV took place on...

The contact was made via stadium announcer Martin Haltermann, who lives in the lovely Krefeld-Hüls.


Measures to unite nations - or: A scarf for the...

Since the visit of the Dutch zebras on 15.03.2012 at the match against the VfL Bochum, I have been following these and also the matches of the BV De Graafschap, although admittedly...


20 years of Lucky-Zebras 97 on the day!

December 20, 2017 was finally the day when our supporters club celebrated its 20th birthday. Therefore, our managing committee invited the remaining charter members from 1997 for...



Lucky-Zebras on Tour

Lucky-Zebras on Tour nach Paderborn

04/13/2019 - 04/13/2019

Lucky-Zebras on Tour

Mit Übernachtung zum HSV! Ausverkauft!!!!

05/18/2019, 09.00

Lucky-Zebras on Tour

Zur Brauereibesichtigung bei Krombacher

10/12/2019 - 10/12/2019