Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

Coach trips

For more than 15 years they say "Lucky-Zebras on Tour" at almost every away match of MSV Duisburg. The coach trips which are organised by our member Hans Wolkinger still enjoy great popularity. The trips became famous by the formerly regularly staged lotteries themed "lottery mafia Wolkinger".

Currently trips are organised for all away matches in a radius of 300 km. Besides some Luckies other supporters also like to join. The trips are usually a bit more calm than comparable trips. Music is played at a tolerable volume and there are not as many supporters who test out their drinking limits as in other coaches.

Fathers and/or mothers with their children or whole families are often present in the coaches. A prediction game is organised at every trip. The revenue is donated to "Zebra Kids" charity or other charieties.

Trips above a radius of 300 km are usually made with the 9-seater „DU-LU“. You must be lucky to get hold of a spot as there are 10 Luckies who bought and maintain this vehicle. Spots only become available if one of them has no time or does not want to participate.


No dates at the moment.

Participation in coach trips

If you are interested in participating in one of our coach trips please contact Hans Wolkinger (phone: +491749796484) or Udo Hagemann (phone: +4917681326618) or use the following contact form. At home matches you can find them 1,5 hours before the match at Tennisclub Eintracht Duisburg. Inside the stadium Hans has a seat in block 12 and Udo stands in block J.

Enquiries about coach trips

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