Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

Lucky sunday

Today U19 MSV vs. VFL Bochum - in the stadium Westende the Bundesliga West match of

our A-youth against VFL Bochum. Start of the game is as usual at 11 am.

Commented by Carsten

The first half was a hard-fought match. In the highly competitive first half, both teams seemed
to be equal. The boys of Meiderich showed strong potential in the first 15 minutes, counter-
attacking quickly but failing to finish. In the further match it was clear that the Bochum team
dominated the game, a score separation at half-time. Score at the interval 0:0.
Bad luck in a row! Our boys could no longer resist the dominating power of the Bochum
team. After an unsanctioned foul in defence of the attack, the visitors took the chance to take
a 0:1 lead.
Patience wins! Massive efforts get rewarded. Our boys took the chance to level the score in
the outnumbered phase. New score 1:1.
The whistle for the end of the second half was blown in the Meiderich stadium. After the goal,
our boys kept their game, defended well and played a good role in the attack. However, it
remained a highly deserved drawn game. Final score 1:1.
Lucky Sunday everyone!