Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

Report about a visit at König Pilsener

Since the registration modalities for a larger group at the Krombacher brewery have become absolutely unacceptable for me and we have König Pilsener, a brewery right here, we were happy to re-orientate ourselves.

Also due to the fact that Sven Hackfurt had a direct contact person in Sophie Reus at KöPi. So we registered an After-Work tour for 50 people for 26 January 2024 and sent the registration information to all Luckys.

We soon received 35 answers and we could be sure that there would be a few Luckys at the event.We thought about organising a 50-seater bus from the south of Duisburg via the city centre and Meiderich station. The bus would take anyone who wanted it and for whom it was convenient to the brewery and back home.he fact that some people were unable and unwilling to use the bus led me to find a cheaper alternative in three minibuses instead of the 50-seater bus.There were 44 Luckys and some friends present at the tour, because the railway was on strike and someone had cancelled because of the coronavirus.After the first tasting and getting dressed in our tour overalls, we started our tour around the brewery.

Our two guides informed us very well.

At the end of the tour, everyone was really thirsty and hungry, as the smell of the delicious knuckle of pork was slowly creeping into our noses.Then the food was finally served and a few beers were drunk with the meal.

All the guests enjoyed themselves and of course they didn't forget to fill the tip jar adequately, because each of the service ladies tried so hard to ensure that no one had to wait long for their next drink.All in all, it was definitely a wonderful event that we will surely repeat more often.

Greetings Hans