Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

The 25th anniversary of Lucky-Zebras 97

We’ve done! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our fan club on 20.12.2022.

That's why the committee invited the founding members from 1997, the treasurer, the auditors with

their families to a meal at the "Hellas" restaurant.

Five years before, it was the Mama Leone but unfortunately the restaurant was closed.
Of the founding members Larry, Kai and Torsten were unfortunately unable to come for several
reasons. However, the committee was not complete either. André had caught the flu and last but not
least, Tine had to cancel due to an infection.
We met punctually at 7.02 pm in the restaurant and talked about the past years in a relaxed
Stefan talked about the time-consuming move of the homepage which he actually didn't have. But as
an internet fan club, sometime you have to act quickly in such a case. In addition, there were many
other nice conversations and delicious food, so the evening was not boring.
I also asked immediately for the clothing size of some of them because the committee had
announced on that day that everyone in the fan club would get a T-shirt.
The time went by so quickly and those who had to work very early the next day were perhaps glad
that the restaurant closed its doors at 10.30 pm ;-)
I think everyone would agree that we could repeat this event for our 30th anniversary.
Then hopefully with all participants from this group.
Greetings Hans