Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

Travel report of a Lucky Zebra to our friends in Cuba 2020

Text by Detlef Jentsch


Actually, I had already concluded with Cuba. It‘s not because I don't like the country, I have been there quite often and the trip is not cheap.

But sometimes it all turns out differently. Lately, Salsa enthusiasts in a dance school in Kamp-Lintfort talked about a trip to Cuba. If you want to teach Salsa the best place to go is, of course, Cuba. As I am already quite experienced in traveling to Cuba, I was involved in the planning of the dance school from the beginning.

Well, I celebrated my 60th birthday last year and I haven’t given a present to myself yet, I didn’t need any further convincing to travel with them. I immediately informed Susanne and Hans. Obviously, I would use the trip to visit our friends in Freyre. Susanne and Hans have prepared a nice package of presents for the football team Las Estrellas and for the family of the coach. This time I wanted to spend a little bit more money for the trip, so I could put everything into my luggage.

On 1st March 2020 the time had come. At 9:00 am I had met with 8 dance students of the dance school at Frankfurt Airport and the trip started.

After an 11 hour flight, taxis took us from Holguin to Santiago de Cuba over the highway. Over the highway means in Cuba: horse and cart, people waiting for a private lift, huge potholes and in the evening there is no light on the highway. Plus taxi drivers who drive fast and think they know every pothole.

However, I arrived the hotel in the evening very well. First of all, I drunk 1 to 8 Mojitos and then I go to bed. Regarding the time in Santiago de Cuba the mantle of silence is laid. Yes, that's the way it is, whatever happens behind Cubas doors stays there. I can only say, the first week was very, very nice and eventful for all passengers.

In the meantime, I had contacted Yeinir and Luis and arranged when we would meet to hand over the gifts.

On Sunday, the 8th of March, our group left for the next destination, Playa Esmeralda. It should be mentioned that I have to realize again how small the world is. During the time in Santiago, where a lot of rum was drunk and many conversations were held, I got to know Mehment and Reiner better. The strange is that both grew up in Duisburg and Reiner is even a real „Wackelkopp“ and was born in Meiderich. Since Reiner still speaks a little Spanish, it was clear that both of them were going to visit our Cuban friends.

The meeting with Yeinir, Luis and his family was very, very nice. The hospitality of the family was extraordinary, our delegation was visibly impressed. After this meeting we went to the sports field where we met some players of the team Las Estrellas and brought them the presents. And the neighboring team Los Tigres, who just had a match, could be handed over a new ball.

However, it should not have been the last meeting with Luis. On advice given by Hans, that in Cuba there is a big lack of body hygiene articles, we had started a campaign in the hotel, where we collected different things. An Italian family in the hotel also took part in this action. So many things were collected that Luis had to improvise to take all the things with him, because he only came on a motorbike. But it worked!

With these experiences in the luggage, we went back home and if it was the last trip to Cuba for me? Well, only time will tell.