Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

Under-19s from MSV in last home match of the regular round

Good morning, everybody! COT (Carsten on Tour) live from the Westende stadium on 4 March 2023

to the last home match of our A team against Fußball-Macht Hilden.

A great scene at the Westende! After a powerful goal kick and ricochet from crossbar to crossbar, the
ball failed to cross the goal line in full. Instead, the visitors responded with a quick counter-attack and
scored 0:1. That is football.
Half-time at the Westende stadium. A first half with a well and good and a but... Yes, it was a good
team on the ground but there were no chances as is usually the case. The 16th in the table should be
forewarned but they return to the first half with a well-deserved lead.
Whistle to start the second half. Let’s go Zebras!
Unexpected, but nice! After an unpleasant move of the visitors in the penalty area our team could
score from a penalty.
Final whistle at the Westende stadium. A breath of fresh air instead of a warm breeze. The young
zebras dominated the second half with a fierce offensive and ambitious spirit. The goal was scored in
the end and the team won deservedly with 2:1. Lucky Sunday everybody...