Lucky-Zebras 97
1st internet supporters club of MSV Duisburg

The test match against Hülser SV took place on 27.06.2018.

The contact was made via stadium announcer Martin Haltermann, who lives in the lovely Krefeld-Hüls.

That the host was excited about our zebras could be clearly felt. About 2,500 fans came to watch the game.


By the way, the MSV won the match with 12:0.



The next match against VFB Günningsfeld

After the VfB Günningfeld was two times guest at the Westender, this time they invited to their homestead in Bochum.


With a scoring of 10:0 the MSV won the test match at the state league team in Bochum. Goals: 0:1 Iljutcenko (16.), 0:2 Souza (28.), 0:3 Fröde (35.), 0:4 Iljutcenko (41.), 0:5 Wolze (48.), 0:6 Verhoek (70.), 0:7 Gyau (73.), 0:8 Verhoek (76.), 0:9 Stoppelkamp (85.), 0:10 Verhoek (87.)